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Most people can Qualify for Bankruptcy

We offer a free initial consultation for people who would like to meet with us to discuss their bankruptcy options. The recession has forced many people to consider filing for bankruptcy to obtain relief from their creditors. At the Law Office of Ken Schneider, PS we provide personalized attentive representation for people filing bankruptcy. We understand that many of our clients are stressed about their financial situation and need answers to their questions. Because of recent changes in the bankruptcy laws some people assume that they cannot file for bankruptcy. However, most people experiencing financial hardship can still obtain relief from their creditors in bankruptcy.

We offer a free initial consultation at our office in Everett. You do not need to go another day without answers to your bankruptcy questions. For an appointment with a competent attorney with experience representing debtors in bankruptcy, contact us at 425-374-1691 or 866-415-1705.

Bankruptcy is Still an Option for You

The Big Banks pushed through a change in the bankruptcy laws in 2005 designed to make it more difficult for individuals to file bankruptcy. Many of our clients have lived with the stress of debt and collections because they believed bankruptcy was no longer an option. The fact is bankruptcy is still an option for most people. Sure, there are more obstacles to overcome, but most people who come to our office still qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.

The benefits to filing bankruptcy vary from client to client. Some simply eliminate all their credit card debt in a Chapter 7. Others stop foreclosure of their homes in Chapter 13. Many eliminate second mortgages and judgment liens. Some have to do a payment plan, but most don't. We can stop the garnishment of your wages and bank accounts. Sometimes the money that has been garnished can be recovered. Most clients can keep all their property. We can help you get that fresh start that you have been dreaming of. If you would like to discuss your options under the new bankruptcy laws contact us (425-374-1691) and we will schedule you an appointment for a free consultation at our Everett office.

The Ongoing Stress of Needing to File Bankruptcy Can Be Too Much

Debt collectors can be relentless. Mortgage lenders may call you day after day threatening to foreclose. Lenders on cars, boats and motorcycles will be stalking you waiting to grab your property first chance they get. Credit card companies will call you several times a day then sell your account to a collection agency. Then the collection agency will also call you several times a day. Lawsuits may be commenced leading to liens and garnishments. If day after day you dread the relentless tactics of the collection agencies, if what used to be a daily routine in getting the mail is now something you avoid for fear of "final notices," if every time there is a knock on the door, you cringe, wondering who is on the other side, it's time to call us.

You don't have to live that way. The law office of Ken Schneider, PS can help.


We offer a free initial consultation so that you can come in and meet with an attorney to discuss your bankruptcy options. We are also willing to spend some time with you on the phone to discuss your bankruptcy options. We have a convenient location in Everett with easy parking.

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