Collections and Creditor Harassment

We Will End the Calls and Speak to Your Creditors

A ringing phone can become a significant source of stress while you're having financial problems. One call after another from creditors only adds to your stress. Their harassing collection tactics does little to resolve your financial problems. They have a right to call you, but they must abide by collection laws.

At the office of Ken Schneider, Attorney at Law, you will receive help from a seasoned bankruptcy attorney who will work to stop creditor harassment.

Living in fear of the phone ringing is no way to live. We use the process of bankruptcy to stop creditors from calling you, demanding money that you do not have. Stop harassing phone calls. Contact us at 425-374-1691 or toll free at 866-415-1705.

Creditor Harassment Is Only the Start

While it may seem easy to, avoid creditor calls and letters that will push the creditors into taking legal action to collect the debt. If the creditor takes legal action and you continue to avoid them they could get a judgment against you. That judgment can be recorded as a lien against your house and your wages could be garnished.

Do you want your debt problems to go that far? If you think filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is embarrassing, a trip to jail is worse.

Using Bankruptcy and Creditor Harassment Laws to Help You

At the office of Ken Schneider, Attorney at Law, we work to stop the creditors from obtaining judgments, garnishing wages and recording liens against our client's property, along with any related proceedings. Once retained, you can tell the creditors to contact us, not you.

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We use the bankruptcy laws to stop the collection process against you.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.