Stopping Foreclosure

Stopping Foreclosure and Saving Your Home

For many homeowners, foreclosure has become a stunning and stark reality in their lives. The house they worked so hard to buy is now slipping away through the process of foreclosure.

Now is the time to act. At the office of Ken Schneider, Attorney at Law, we can help you save the one asset that means the most to you ­– your family home.

You have options. One of those options is the chance to stop foreclosure of your home through bankruptcy. Contact us at 425-374-1691 or toll free at 866-415-1705.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Stopping Foreclosure

Prior to the Trustee's sale of your property, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing will stop the foreclosure process. At the office of Ken Schneider, Attorney at Law, we help you buy time to propose a plan that pays off the past due amount, sometimes as long as five years. If you can afford to make payments on the mortgage and the extra amount owed, the court should approve your plan.

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Stopping Foreclosure

While it is possible to save your home from foreclosure through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are more challenges and not as much time. If there is significant equity in your home, the bankruptcy trustee can sell the house to pay off liens and debts owed to unsecured creditors. If little or no equity were available, the trustee would likely not be interested in selling your home.

Stopping Foreclosure the Legal and Ethical Way

Unfortunately, there are some individuals and companies that take advantage of people facing foreclosure. These companies will purchase homes prior to foreclosure and lease them back to the original owners. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you avoid these types of situations and help you stay in your home.

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