Tax Attorney in Everett, WA

Whether you owe the government money that it is trying to collect, or want to develop a strategy that will minimize your tax liability, we can help you.  Estate planning, investment strategies, and business entities can all be used to reduce tax liabilities.  If you owe the government, we can assist you in resolving that debt.  If you would like to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your tax issues click here or call us at (425) 258-2704 or (866) 415-1705

The Internal Revenue Service, Department of Revenue, Employment Security Department and Department of Labor and Industries can be very intimidating when you owe them money.  The government has more options and leverage to collect debt than ordinary creditors.  Bankruptcy can be used to discharge some taxes and repay others.  Most taxing agencies have processes for settling with tax payers or entering payment plans.  Therefore, it is important to have a tax attorney representing you who knows what the taxing agency can do and who will stand up for your rights.     

Here is some information that may save you money.  If you owe the IRS money and merely need a payment plan, or if you cannot pay anything, you probably do not need an attorney.  Currently, the IRS is pretty reasonable if you simply need a payment plan or need to have your account put into uncollectable status.  However, if you do not agree that you owe the government what they say you owe or if you are unable to reach an agreement on an acceptable payment plan we can help you.

Washingtonians pay about 40% of their income in taxes.  Most Washingtonians pay a marginal income tax rate of 25% or more.  Payroll taxes (social security, medicare, and employment security) are about 8%.  There is the potential for significant tax savings due to planning that reduces taxable income.

When a person dies the tax consequences can be significant.  The Federal estate tax is 40% on taxable estates over $5.49 million.  However, estates in Washington are subject to estate tax when they are valued at $2.1 million or more.  There is the potential for huge tax savings from estate planning.

We assist our clients in reducing their tax liability through legitimate tax saving strategies.   Whether it is personal income taxes, employment taxes, or estate taxes, we can assist in developing a strategy to minimize those taxes. If you would like to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your tax issues click here or call us at (425) 258-2704 or (866) 415-1705